9. Hydrate While Flying

Hydrate While Flying

Keep your immune system at peak performance by keeping your body well hydrated while flying. Drinking enough water provides your body cells and organs with the proper hydration to carry out daily functions. It also allows your kidneys to flush toxins from your system. Don’t wait until the day of your flight to provide your body with the necessary hydration. If you know you don’t drink enough water on a daily basis, commit to increasing your intake beginning a day or two before your flight. To further prevent dehydration, skip the alcoholic beverages while in flight.

8. Stretch Your Legs

Stretch Your Legs

If your travel plans involve a long flight or car ride, be sure to provide your muscles and circulatory system a reprieve from sitting. Sitting for long periods not only causes your muscles to cramp, but it can also create a dangerous deep vein thrombosis (DVT). A DVT occurs when your circulation becomes sluggish, allowing a blood clot to form. As challenging as it is to navigate the airplane aisle, try to get up and move around during a long flight. When traveling by car, plan to stop every two hours for a short break to stretch your legs.

7. Avoid Soaking in the Hotel Bathtub

Hotel Bathtub

A relaxing bubble bath can sound heavenly after a long trip, but you may want to avoid hotel bathtubs. The bathtub may look clean and probably undergoes a daily wipe-down. However, a study by the American Society for Microbiology found that some of the germiest items in a hotel include the housekeeping cleaning supplies. Therefore, taking a bath in the hotel tub may mean soaking in a bath of microbes or chemicals left behind by a cleaning rag. Other items that may harbor germs in your hotel room include the television remote, the light switch, and the door handle.

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