6. Stick to Bottled Water

Bottled Water

On the airplane, stick to bottled water rather than tap water. Additionally, some countries may not have access to the same water purification you are accustomed to. In those areas, the local residents have built up an immunity to impurities in the water. Choose bottled water rather than risk introducing diarrhea-causing microbes to your system. Furthermore, you will want to avoid beverages containing ice made from tap water in these regions. Shun fresh salsa, cut-up fruits, and freshly squeezed juices to prevent illness as well.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Enough Sleep

Don’t skimp on sleep just because you are on vacation. Allowing your body plenty of rest keeps your organs functioning smoothly and your immune system at top performance. Additionally, proper sleep keeps your mind refreshed and ready to take on the adventures of each day. Following a day of fun, allow your mind and body time to relax and unwind in preparation for a good night’s sleep. This helps you make the most of the time on your trip. It also helps ensure you reenter your regular life well-rested and energetic.

4. Continue to Exercise

Continue To Exercise

While vacations are meant to be fun, continue to provide your body with the exercise it needs. This helps you continue to build strong muscles and strengthen your heart. Hitting the gym may be a part of your normal daily routine. If so, pack some workout clothes and check out the gym at your hotel. Skip the taxi and explore new places on foot. Not only will your heart, lungs, and muscles reap the benefits, but you may also see sights you would otherwise have missed.

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