Apple Cider Vinegar

By using these tasty foods, herbs, and spices, you can naturally detox your immune, digestive, and lymphatic systems without the need for apple cider vinegar.

15. A Calming Drink


To get a nice dose of detox before bed, try drinking magnesium mixed with zinc, as the two form a great detoxing combo. You can find magnesium in several foods like spinach, almonds, and dark chocolate; however, if you are looking to ingest a larger dose without having to eat a lot of greens, try dissolving magnesium citrate in a glass of water. Magnesium works by stimulating cell activity and causing toxins to be released into the bloodstream, while zinc serves as a strong antioxidant that helps destroy “free radicals” in the body and removes heavy metals at the same time.

14. Add Nuts to Your Salad


Nuts can be a great way to liven up a dull salad by adding a nice tasty crunch, and you can use the oil as a savory dressing, but they also provide nutrients that strengthen your body’s detoxing system. Black walnuts, in particular, have a very strong detoxifying effect on the body due to their natural antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help kill parasites.


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