Losing 10 Pounds

If reaching your goal weight seems like an impossible task, it may help you to know that every little bit helps. Studies suggest that a loss of 5-10 percent of your body weight can have tangible, positive effects on your health. If you weigh 200 pounds, dropping ten pounds would mean a loss of 5 percent of your body weight. While losing those 10 pounds may not move you from “obese” to “normal weight,” your body will still reap many benefits from this loss. Read on for 15 fantastic things that can happen when you lose 10 pounds.

15. Improved Motivation

Improved Motivation

No doubt about it, losing weight is challenging. One great benefit of dropping ten pounds is you may find yourself psyched out to keep your weight loss journey going. Losing 10 pounds is an amazing feat! It is likely that the natural high that comes from setting a challenging goal and achieving that goal will help keep you moving forward. When the numbers on the scale start heading downward, it finally feels like it was worth it to deny yourself empty calories and get your body moving. This feeling of empowerment may help you keep pressing onward in your healthy lifestyle.

14. You May Fit into a Smaller Clothing Size

Smaller Clothing Size

A weight loss of 10 pounds may drop you down a clothing size. This is a great incentive to keep making healthy food choices and exercising your body. When you drop a clothing size, you may be able to fit into your favorite old pair of jeans. You may even want to reward yourself with a trip to the store to purchase a favorite clothing item in your new size.


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