Mind Diet

As the command center for your body, your brain plays a critical role in the processes that keep you functioning each day. Impulses from your brain keep you breathing, regulate your body temperature, and allow you to think, move, and feel. Providing your brain with the nutrients it needs for healthy function keeps you alert, active, and robust. It only makes sense that you should provide your brain with the very best nutrients to strengthen your body and promote memory and learning. The following are wholesome foods that can help boost brain health.

15. Fatty Fish

Raw Fish

Fish are often the first foods that come to mind when brain health is discussed. The healthy omega-3 fatty acids contained in fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and herring are well-known brain boosters. These fatty acids are critical components of cell membranes and also demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, a study in Neurology reports that elderly individuals who consume seafood at least once each week show less mental decline than their counterparts who do not eat seafood. Grill up some salmon, mix up a tasty tuna salad, or toss a few anchovies on your whole-wheat pizza.

14. Berries


Colorful red raspberries, vibrant blueberries, and vivid blackberries are rich in nutrients. They also contain antioxidant phytochemicals that prevent free radicals from damaging your cells. A study in Neural Regeneration Research indicates that berries can improve brain health by preventing age-related declines of neuron function in the brain. This effect may be due to decreased oxidative stress from free radicals and anti-inflammatory effects. The study also suggests that brain health may be improved by enhanced communication between brain cells or by increased neuron-protective proteins in the brain.


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