Healthy Heart Function

When evaluating your health, certain conditions grab your attention and leave no room for doubt that you are in trouble. Wheezing, chest pain, and bloody diarrhea are symptoms of illness that you are not likely to overlook. However, there are more subtle signs of poor health that may be easier to ignore or discount. While these symptoms may not be as attention-grabbing as others, they still give you clues that it is time to check in with your doctor.

15. Changes in Your Fingernails

White Fingernails

Your fingernails do more than just help you look pretty or open envelopes with ease. Certain medical conditions may show up in nail discoloration, deformity, or weakness. Horizontal ridges across your nails may be an indication of thyroid disease. The Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center states that yellowing nails may indicate lymphatic disease, autoimmune disorders, or certain types of cancer. Meanwhile, spoon nails, in which the nails lift up from the nail bed to form little cups, may be a sign of iron deficiency, hypothyroidism, or heart disease.

14. Indigestion


You may think indigestion only occurs when you overindulge or consume questionable food items. Indigestion may be your body’s way of warning you that you are eating too quickly, overindulging in alcohol, or subjecting yourself to too much stress. Chronic indigestion may also be an indication of a serious underlying health issue. Indigestion accompanied by cramps, stomach pain, and bloating may be a sign of digestive ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or gallbladder disease.  Pancreatitis, hypothyroidism, and pregnancy are other health conditions that may show up as indigestion.


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