Emergency Room Staff

When you head to the emergency department, you are likely dizzy, in pain, or otherwise suffering. Illness and pain tend to make waiting rooms, medical questioning, and hospital procedures even more challenging to endure. The staff at your emergency room wants you to know that when you need them, they are there to help you through your time of crisis. However, as they work to prioritize the medical crises in the emergency department, there are several things emergency room staff may wish their patients knew.

15. They May Be Reeling from a Trauma Situation

Trauma Situation

While the emergency staff does have sympathy for the pain and misery associated with an earache, they also deal with life and death situations. Your nurse may not seem immediately responsive to your requests. If so, it may help to keep in mind that he may have just come from treating a gunshot wound, heart attack, or car accident victim. Just as with any individuals you come across in daily life, you cannot know what turmoil and pain a person has just experienced. Be willing to give your emergency caretaker the benefit of the doubt.

14. Nothing Surprises Them

Surprises Us

When you come to the emergency room, do not be afraid to be fully honest and open with staff about the information that may help them make a diagnosis or treat your condition. No matter how embarrassing your situation may seem, withholding information only serves to make treating you more challenging. Recognize that the doctors and nurses who treat you are professionals that can handle the truth about your medical condition.


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