4. It’s Okay to Ask to Speak with Them Privately

Speak Privately

If you have arrived at the emergency room with friends or loved ones, it is perfectly acceptable to ask to speak to your doctor or nurse in private. There are often symptoms or situations that you would be more comfortable discussing out of earshot of your companions. Your emergency caregivers recognize that fact and are happy to grant you the privacy you need to speak freely.

3. Some Test Results Take Time

Test Results

It can be frustrating to wait for test results when you have already spent time in the waiting room and exam room. However, obtaining the results of lab tests can take time. Furthermore, imaging scans such as x-rays or CT scan require reading by specially trained radiologists. If you have undergone testing, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible while awaiting your results.

2. We Don’t Enjoy Making You Wait


Waiting around is frustrating and uncomfortable. Furthermore, waiting while you are feeling sick or in pain can be especially challenging. It may help to remember that the emergency staff takes no joy in making you wait. Their desire is for you to obtain a diagnosis, experience relief, and get started on a path to renewed health and wellbeing. Therefore, venting your frustrations over time spent in the emergency room only serves to make both of you even more miserable.



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