There are common physical symptoms that can be so subtle that they are often overlooked or considered to be part of everyday life. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be a sign of major health issues with your thyroid.

The thyroid, a metabolism-controlling gland, is in charge of a lot of important body and hormone functions that include weight regulation and body temperature. When there is a problem with your thyroid, it can usually throw your entire hormonal system out of whack. This can translate to some common, often-ignored physical symptoms, such as weight gain, fatigue, and dry skin. Although this disease is more common in women, men can have thyroid issues as well.

The thyroid isn’t just in charge of your metabolism; it plays an important role in the function of vital organs, including the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys. Be sure to visit a doctor to confirm whether or not there are any issues with your thyroid. “The only true way to know for sure if you have hypothyroid disease is to have your physician perform a TSH test,” explains Heather L. Hofflich, DO, endocrinologist and internist at UC San Diego Health.

Here are some of the main symptoms you might be experiencing that point to a thyroid issue.

15. Your Skin Is Dry

Skin Is Dry

It may be the weather, or it might be a thyroid issue. Hofflich mentions dry skin as a symptom of hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid is not producing enough of the thyroid hormone. This can cause your metabolism to slow down and reduce sweating, which in turn causes your skin to dry. It’s also possible for fingernails to become dry and brittle.

14. You Have Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations

When you have hyperthyroidism, the thyroid produces an excessive amount of thyroid hormones. speeding up your metabolism and other symptoms in your body. One of the side effects is a fast heartbeat and heart palpitation.


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