7. You’re Losing Hair

Loosing Hair

Hair loss shouldn’t solely be considered a sign of aging, as it is tied to symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Hofflich mentions that, like fatigue, hair loss is the result of your body functioning at a higher rate due to the thyroid hormone speeding up the system.

6. Your Heart Rate Is Slow

Heart Rate Is Slow

Just as an overactive thyroid can speed up your heart rate and cause palpitations, an underactive thyroid can slow down functions, including the heart rate. It’s a physical effect that is often overlooked, Leavey said.

5. You Keep Forgetting Things

Keep Forgetting Things
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Been forgetful lately? Find yourself misplacing common objects or having a tough time remembering appointments? These all might be signs of more than stress or lack of sleep; it might be a sign of hypothyroidism. When the body doesn’t produce enough of the thyroid hormone, cognitive functions like memory can be affected.


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