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Coronavirus is easily spreadable, so even if you’re only leaving your house a few times each week—whether that’s to go grocery shopping, to take a walk, or to support a local restaurant by getting takeout—you could end up being exposed to the virus. And while you may feel like you’re being extra cautious when you leave your home, you might not be taking proper safety measures inside your home. Defending your home against the virus is another key measure in preventing the virus from spreading, and we’ve got all the expert coronavirus home prep tips to help you stay safe.

15. Take Extra Precautions When Returning Home

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Any household members who have to leave the house for work or any other reason need to take extra precautions when returning home, according to Sandra Crawley, RN, medical consultant with Mom Loves Best. They can’t just walk back into the house like normal.

“Take a change of shoes and leave the ‘clean’ shoes in the car,” Crawley says. “They should change out of their work attire and take a shower as soon as they get home. Be sure not to shake out clothing as the virus can become airborne. All clothing should be washed in the warmest setting possible and thoroughly dried.”

14. Prepare a Room for Isolation

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Of course, none of the home preparation you do can fully protect every member of your household who is going outside. That’s why it’s also important to prepare for what you’ll do if someone in your home does contract coronavirus.

“In case you or a member of the family contracts the virus, there should be a physically limited space where the person will stay in,” says Nikola Djordjevic, MD, co-founder of HealthCareers. “Since COVID-19 is highly contagious, an infected person shouldn’t move around the entire home and spread the virus everywhere. The room should be as empty as possible, so that the virus doesn’t stay on surfaces too long. Also, the room should have a window or a balcony, to ensure that fresh air can easily enter the room.”


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