13. Designate One Member of the House as a Caregiver

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When someone is using the isolation room—whether they’ve tested positive for coronavirus or think they have it—only one person in the house should be allowed to care for the sick family member, Crawley explains. This helps lessen the sources the virus can overtake. Wearing gloves and face masks if possible, the designated caregiver should “maintain good hand hygiene and sanitize surfaces frequently,” as well as “monitor themselves and other family members for further signs and symptoms of sickness.”

12. Wipe Down Home Surfaces Daily


As early studies have shown, the virus can live on surfaces anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. So cleaning your home daily is extremely important, as letting even a day pass in between cleaning could allow the coronavirus to infect someone in the house.

“Buy Lysol or an aerosol equivalent to spray fabric furniture, bedding, and sheets daily. And replace sheets frequently,” says Kim Langdon, MD, medical advisor with Parenting Pod. “Clean surfaces with 25 percent bleach solution (mixing three parts water with one part bleach) for non-wood floors, furniture, painted wood, doorknobs, refrigerator handles, microwave handles, stovetop knobs, cabinet handles, and knobs. Also clean your toaster and can opener, and don’t forget to include external doors. For stained wood tables and surfaces, use wood safe cleaners.”

11. Set Up a Hand Sanitizer Station by Your Front Door

Hand Sanitizer

All the precautions and steps you take to prepare your home mean nothing if household members don’t remember to take their own measures. Giuseppe Aragona, a family medicine doctor with Prescription Doctor, recommends having an “alcohol-based hand sanitizer placed on a stand” by the front door of your home. This acts as an instant reminder that any time someone leaves or enters the house, they should use the hand sanitizer and “practice good hygiene.”

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