7. Wipe Down Food Deliveries

Food Delivery

There’s no harm in still wanting to support local food business during the coronavirus pandemic. And with most places delivering and helpful new tools like Uber Eats “Leave at Door” delivery, it may seem like a relatively safe way to continue to enjoy your favorites. However, don’t get too comfortable. Even if you choose the “Leave at Door” option, Gary Linkov, MD, reminds consumers to wipe down the outside containers from all delivery or takeout orders. In addition, Poston says that you should also wipe down milk and juice cartons when bringing them inside. If you have clean containers to transfer any food into, she and Linkov recommend that as well. And wash your hands thoroughly before eating!

6. Clean Your Car

Wash Your Car

A car is a vessel that connects your home and the outside world. So if you’re not cleaning that as well, you risk contaminating your home. A simple touch to close your car door can take a virus lingering on your car and transfer it to the handle of your front door when you go inside. Langdon says that before you get in your car and when you leave, you should always “wipe down the car steering wheel, as well as the handles inside and outside.”

5. Use a Humidifier in Your Home


While research is still underdeveloped on the coronavirus and how to prevent it, Langdon says that some early signs suggest that using a humidifier in the home may make it “harder for the virus to spread.” After all, Harvard Medical School Global Health Research Core director Megan Murray, MD, explained to the Abundance Foundation that higher rates of transmission in similar viruses, like influenza, happen when the air is drier. Langdon recommends using a humidifier to keep the humidity level in your house at about 50 percent as possible coronavirus prevention.

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