The novel coronavirus spreads very easily, so by leaving your house just a few times a week to grocery shop, walk outside or grab takeout at your favorite local restaurant, you may become unknowingly infected with the virus. You might feel that you are being very cautious when you leave your home by wearing a mask and gloves, but you might not be doing enough to protect yourself inside your own home.

Defending your home against COVID-19 is another key factor in staying safe and not spreading the virus to others. Below are preparatory steps you can take at home to keep yourself and others safe.

15. Take Precautions When Returning Home

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Anyone who leaves the house for work or goes anywhere else needs to take precautions when they return. They cannot just walk back into the house as they would have previously.

A change of clothes and shoes should be kept in the car. Once anyone arrives home, they should change out of their clothes before they enter the house. A garage is a good place to do this. If there is a washer or dryer in the garage, clothes can be placed directly into the washer. If this is not an option, place a hamper in the garage to put your clothes. Make sure that you clean the clothes hamper every time you wash clothes. Clothes should be washed in the warmest water possible (per the manufacturer’s washing instructions). Make sure to not shake out your clothing, as the virus can become airborne. Once you are inside the house, take a shower immediately.

14. Create an Isolation Room

Getting Sick

No matter what precautions are taken inside or outside the home, it is important to prepare if someone in the household does contract the virus.

If someone does become infected with the coronavirus, there should be a space for that member of the household only. “Since COVID-19 is highly contagious, an infected person shouldn’t move around the entire home and spread the virus everywhere. The room should be as empty as possible so that the virus doesn’t stay on surfaces too long. Also, the room should have a window or a balcony to ensure that fresh air can easily enter the room.” says Nikola Djordjevic, MD, co-founder of HealthCareers.



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