10. Separate Toothpaste for Everyone in the Household


Most people forget about dental products while thinking about coronavirus safety. Most families share a single tube of toothpaste. Typically, this is fine, but during the pandemic
Elizabeth Cranford Robinson, DMD, recommends that each person have their own toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Viruses can be spread through toothpaste from different brushes. Make sure to replace and disinfect toothbrushes, floss and storage containers for these dental items.

9. Stock Up on Pet Items

Pet Food Bowl

Make sure to have enough of your pet’s food and medication. Don’t forget about kitty litter, potty pads or any other items that your pets use daily. A 30-day supply is recommended so you don’t have to make multiple trips outside the household. If possible, purchase these items online.

If you contract the virus and you have a pet, wash your hands before and after contact with your pet and wear a mask. Although it is unknown which animals are susceptible to the coronavirus, a tiger in a zoo has tested positive.

8. Be Cautious with the Items You Bring into Your House

Grocery List

It is impossible not to bring new items into your home. You need to consider these items as possible carriers of the virus. If possible, items should be left outside for three days to prevent the virus from transferring into the home. If that is not possible, double bag items so the outer bag can be removed and discarded. Wipe down all items before they enter the home.



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