8. Sexual Problems Are Also Possible

Sexual dysfunction is another symptom that comes with MS in many people. This occurs when you have problems with being aroused sexually because it’s a process that starts in the nervous system. This is the area attacked by MS, making it hard for you to be sexually aroused. 

7. Cognitive Problems


Cognitive problems are reported in nearly half of the people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. These problems may include reduced attention span, language and memory problems, as well as difficulty staying organized. In addition, you’re more likely to suffer from depression. 

6. You May Start to Lose Your Hearing

Hearing loss is a common symptom associated with MS. This effect can spread to the brain. The sound waves reaching your inner ear are converted into electrical signals that are then transferred to the brain via the nervous system. Hence, when the nervous system is affected by MS, the transfer of these electrical signals is hampered, resulting in reduced hearing ability or deafness. 


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