5. You May Start to Tremor


Tremors occur in the form of uncontrollable shaking in people with multiple sclerosis, resulting from the brain’s reduced ability to control your muscle movements properly. Although these tremors may be minor and less impactful on your health, they may become more severe over time. 

4. You Start to Get Seizures


Seizures are characterized by changes in the electrical activity of your brain. Severe seizures may result in violent shaking or loss of control for some people. Because of this, it’s always recommended that, if you suffer from seizures, you contact your health provider immediately, whether they’re light or violent seizures, as these may cause injuries.  

3. Heart-Related Complications

Heart Attack Symptoms

It’s fairly common for people with multiple sclerosis to start notice heart-related complications during workouts or intense physical activities. For instance, you may feel weak and tired after doing an exercise. Worst case scenario, you may also feel incapable of controlling your legs or feet. These symptoms could vanish when you sit down to rest. 


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