Doctors perform an essential service for their communities, and this places them in a position that sometimes cannot be contested. And while many doctors are professional, put together, and reliable, like you would expect, some of them just aren’t, and that can negatively affect the care you receive when you go in for your checkup. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you see many of these red flags, consider changing your doctor immediately.

16. Inappropriate Touching

Inappropriate Touching

The nature of the job requires doctors to touch their patients. However, there is a fine line between what is necessary and what is inappropriate. While this is generally a problem for female patients, it can happen to men as well. In any case, protective measures you can take include having a nurse present to witness all procedures, but if you are not comfortable with your doctor, that should be reason enough to seek treatment elsewhere, regardless of any inappropriate contact.

15. Messy Office

Messy Office

While it is natural in many professions to have a somewhat cluttered workspace, given the nature of a doctor’s duties, it is crucial to have a clean, well-kept office. This is because infectious agents can build up quite easily in places that are not regularly cleaned and disinfected. Often, it is the ill or those prone to becoming so who are visiting the doctor’s office, which makes it very easy for dangerous infections to spread from one patient to another. A clean space will better protect your health.


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