14. Not in Your Insurance Network

No Insurance

With the rising cost of healthcare, more and more people are relying on insurance to cover their medical expenses. Insurance allows patients to cover the care they otherwise could not afford, and as such can make a serious difference regarding their quality of life. Make sure that you keep up to date with both your insurance policy as well as the rules and regulations of the clinics you go to for medical treatment. This can keep you from having to pay out of pocket due to nasty surprises, like finding out that a doctor, procedure or treatment is no longer covered under your policy.

13. Overprescribing Antibiotics


Antibiotics are critical for fighting off a host of infections. However, they are not the solution for every illness. As time goes on, more and more infections are growing resistant to antibiotics, mainly due to misuse and overuse. Essentially, misuse of antibiotics only creates stronger infections. Be wary about taking antibiotics, especially for illnesses that seem minor. While antibiotic alternatives are still in development, more often than not, other treatment options, natural remedies, rest, or even dietary changes can help with minor conditions.

12. Not Specialized for Your Needs

Not Specialized
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In some cases, it’s good to know a little bit about everything. This is certainly true of doctors as well, to a point. While a bit of knowledge everywhere can’t hurt for your general check-ups, when it comes to more advanced procedures, the chances are good that you’d prefer a specialist well versed in the procedure at hand, and everything related to it. In general, specialists will outperform other medical professionals in their particular realm of expertise, so be a little wary if your doctor’s skillset seems too diverse or poorly suited to your medical issues.



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