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Your physician should be a professional in whom you feel confident placing your trust, your health, and your wellbeing. It is critical to find a doctor who is not only competent and knowledgeable but who also treats you with respect. In today’s world, medical advances have ensured we are able to see a variety of doctors specializing in an array of medical issues. Seeking a new doctor can be an intimidating task. However, it is worth the effort, and especially critical if you notice these warning signs from your current physician.

16. Dirty or Unhygienic Office

Unhygienic Office

When visiting the doctor for your annual checkup or a flu shot, the last thing you need is to contract an illness from another patient. A clinic in which clutter is allowed to gather may be a clinic in which proper measures are not taken to prevent the spread of germs. Your doctor and clinic staff should be diligent about properly disposing of items such as probe covers, exam table papers, and needles. The waiting and exam rooms should be clean and disinfected.

15. No Clear Specialty


Gone are the days when an entire family would see the same physician from the moment of birth to their dying days. Today, you may see a family practitioner or an internist for routine exams and minor illnesses. However, many medical conditions are best treated by specialists in that field. These specialists are able to stay up to date on the newest recommendations in their particular field. If you realize your doctor is treating a variety of conditions from heart disease to cancer, you may want to consider searching for a doctor who specializes in your particular disorder.


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