11. Being Untruthful


You have a right to expect your doctor to be open and honest with you regarding your health, your treatment, and your prognosis. Discovering your physician has been lying to you is grounds for finding yourself a new doctor. Of course, honesty goes both ways. It is also critical that you are honest with your doctor and provide him or her with accurate information regarding your health. If your doctor doesn’t have the full picture, it can be challenging to provide you with a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

10. Overprescribing Tests


Scans, blood tests, and other diagnostic tests are useful tools for helping to pin down a diagnosis. However, if your doctor routinely orders large batches of tests for every conceivable condition, she may have an ulterior motive. Be wary of physicians who rush to order a myriad of expensive tests for any ailment.

9. Not Listening to You

Not Listening

Ideally, your relationship with your doctor should involve a good rapport as you both work together to keep you healthy. Your physician should ask a variety of questions that enable you to alert her to any potential medical problems you are facing. When speaking with your physician, you should feel that he is listening to your concerns, understanding your point of view, and answering your questions. If you discover that speaking with your physician means she is doing all the speaking and you are doing all the listening, you may need to find a new doctor.



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