8. Going Along with Your Whims

Your Whims

It is crucial to find a physician who listens and respects your opinions. However, if your doctor goes along with your self-diagnoses and the advice you find on the internet without question, you might want to look for a new physician. You need a physician who relies on medical training and expertise to treat your problems and illnesses. Stay away from a yes-man who doesn’t bring an expert opinion to the table.

7. Discouraging Second Opinions

Second Opinions

An ethical physician will encourage you to get a second opinion when you are facing a complicated diagnosis or difficult treatment. If your doctor pressures you into undergoing treatment when you feel uncomfortable, it may be time to find a new doctor. In an emergency situation, time may not allow you to seek a second opinion. In other cases, your doctor should not feel threatened by your desire to seek confirmation of your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.

6. Frequent Misdiagnoses


Doctors are human too, and your doctor may miss a diagnosis. However, if your doctor makes major errors in judgment, frequently makes incorrect diagnoses, or seems otherwise inept, it would be wise to seek a new doctor. Your insurance company may provide online tools for selecting a new doctor within your network. Seeking recommendations from family and friends may also help you to find a competent physician.



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