9. Hair Dye

Hair Dye

Studies suggested that constant hair dye exposure led to a high risk of bladder cancer among hairdressers and barbers, but the scientific evidence never reported it to be a probable cause for cancer, especially for those who frequently color their hair.

8. Antiperspirant


At one point, antiperspirant was believed to be linked to breast cancer due to the chemicals typically found in the product, as well as in deodorants. However, the National Cancer Institute made it clear that there is no truth to that statement, as there is no evidence linking the two.

7. Cell Phones

Cell Phones

It is possible that cell phones and cancer have been tied together since the creation of phones. Although these handy devices have been around for some time, and do emit a type of low-frequency energy, they aren’t capable of damaging cells or causing genetic mutations, says the American Cancer Society. Researchers continue to study the potential link between cancer and cell phones and have not found a correlation.

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