3. Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Although cavities filled years ago are likely to contain mercury, large doses of which are known to affect the brain, it is not considered a carcinogen. The fillings also include silver, tin, and copper, but according to the American Dental Association, the combination of metals are completely safe.

2. Slicing Tumors Causes Spread

Slicing Tumors

In 2005, the American Cancer Society released a survey stating that 41 percent of the participants believed cancer-removing surgery actually caused cancer to spread, and an additional 13 percent weren’t sure. Fortunately, this claim is untrue. Surgeons take special precautions and follow protocols to prevent cancer cells from migrating during surgery, but ultimately cancer replicates itself and metastasizes on its own.

1. Exposure to Air Causes Cancer to Spread


Another incorrect belief regarding cancer is the idea that exposing it to air (by surgery or other methods) can cause growth and spread. “There’s no scientific data supporting that theory,” says Blair Marshall, MD, thoracic surgeon. Dr. Marshall says the theory might have stemmed from situations where cancer patients had surgery and later died of metastatic cancer. “In actuality, if the patient had not undergone any surgery at all, they still would have developed widespread disease,” reports Dr. Marshall.

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