15. No Green Tea

No Green Tea

Do you drink tea? Particularly green tea? Chances are you’ve heard a little about the benefits it provides. For example, while inconclusive, numerous studies have said that green tea can play a role in burning fat, though the truth to this may vary depending on the quality of the tea in question. Studies have also shown that green tea has also been said to protect the body against degenerative diseases, as well as some forms of cancer. Essentially, the compounds in green tea are thought to be effective in treating, preventing, or inhibiting a wide range of ailments.

14. Eating White Grains


While white bread and bleached flour are rather popular foods, they are also some of the more nutritionally deficient ones as well. They have been stripped of all their fiber-rich goodness, throwing away lots of nutritional potential. Even enriched varieties of these foods fail to restore the nutritional content that was lost. For the best results from your bread, try opting for whole grain varieties, which will include a healthy level of fiber, as well as B vitamins, which are good for fighting inflammation. This is important because inflammation, like obesity, can increase the risk of serious illnesses such as cancer.

13. No Sleep

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Chances are you’re familiar with an all-nighter or two, or otherwise find reasons throughout the day to avoid getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Sometimes it’s a matter of insomnia. Either way, losing night after night of sleep will take a toll on your health, and “catching up” on your sleep will only do so much good. A full night’s sleep is necessary for deep, restorative sleep. In general, regular sleep is better for your memory, mood, and energy, which can help you be more successful during the day. If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep, try establishing regular bedtime habits to wind down before bed.



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