6. Eating Processed Meat

Processed Meat

Processed foods, like fried foods, are usually quite tasty. But also like fried foods, they can prove harmful to your health. Generally, processed meats have a lot of additives to keep them fresher longer. This can mean anything from salting to smoking, both of which can cause health problems. Specifically, processed foods may cause inflammation, and the saturated fat in them can wear down the heart. Whenever possible, opt for fresh meat that is nitrate free, and in general, cut down on all of your processed foods.

5. No Organic Food

No Organic Food

At first glance, you may balk at the thought of laying down more money for organic food. The truth is, the value of organic vs nonorganic produce is hotly debated. One clear advantage of the former is that it tends to have less in the way of pesticides and herbicides (as well as chemicals given to crops to help them grow bigger faster). While they tend to be more expensive, eating organic means at the very least, you’re taking in fewer toxins over your lifetime, and you’re likely getting more of a nutritional benefit as well. Try subbing in some organic produce.

4. Eating Charred Food

Charred Food
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If you’re one of those folks who likes to fire up the grill when the weekend rolls around, there’s some bad news. Much like fried and processed foods, charred foods can have some serious ill effects on your well-being. This is because charring meat leads to the formation of carcinogens, which can cause damage to your organs in the form of free radicals. Grilling itself isn’t a bad way to prepare your food, but make sure to clean the grill thoroughly before and after each use, and try not to char your food when you cook it.

2. Sitting


Sitting may be super comfortable, but it is not something you want to do all the time. A sedentary lifestyle can greatly increase the chances of mortality, primarily due to the fact that it encourages obesity. The two largest contributors to staying healthy are diet and exercise, and if you’re spending a lot of time sitting, you’re probably not getting much exercise in. You might feel at a loss if your job involves a lot of sitting, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In addition to regular weekly exercise, even at work, make sure to stand up, stretch, and walk around every once in a while, and in general try to increase the amount of walking in your day.

1. No Exercise

No Exercise

If you’re one of those with the aforementioned sedentary lifestyle, motivating yourself to exercise can be tough. However, there are numerous benefits to exercise that just might get you moving. For starters, exercise can reduce your risk of mortality by preventing obesity, improving your respiratory health (cardio), and even helping your body become more resistant to infection. It doesn’t take an insane amount of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Shoot for 30 minutes of exercise each day (walking counts) to maintain health, with more time and strenuous activity if you’d like to lose weight.

1. Eating Microwavable Food

Microwavable Food
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Being nearly nonperishable and quite affordable, microwaved meals seem like a great alternative to fresh food, especially if the latter is organic. However, frozen foods typically contain substantial amounts of preservatives, added salt among them. Too much sodium in the diet leads to high blood pressure due to the way it hardens the arteries. You may also be picking up extra fat, sugar, and artificial ingredients while taking in fewer nutrients from these meals. Don’t make the TV dinners a habit; cook fresh as often as possible for maximum nutrition, and stay hydrated too.



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