17 Heart Attack Signs you Can’t Ignore

Heart Attack Signs

Cardiovascular disease kills an average of 2,200 Americans every day. That’s 1 death every 40 seconds. About 92.1 million Americans are living with some form of cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, others are still dealing with the aftereffects as a result of a heart attack or stroke. Ultimately, cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of Men and Women in America. Due to the deadly nature of this disease, it’s important to be aware of the early warning signs of a heart attack. For many men and women, these signs are subtle and easily dismissed. As a result, they suffer a heart attack. These 15 signs are not to be ignored.

Chest Pains

Chest Pains

Everyone experiences chest pains occasionally, however frequent and increasingly painful chest pains are problematic. It’s not always a sharp and shooting pain. This pain can manifest in the form similar to a heavy compression on the chest. It might feel like someone is sitting on your chest. Similarly, some people have noted a burning pain similar to heartburn. Cardiac events are becoming increasingly common among younger individuals. Cigarette smoking, heavy drinking, poor sleep, poor diet, and poor exercise patterns can all contribute to early development of cardiovascular disease.

Anxiety and Sensitivity


Everyone experiences anxiety and sensitivity at various points in their life. Work, social life, family, and friends all require a delicate balancing act. In the months leading up to a heart attack, some people will experience an increase in irritability. As a result of the heart being unable to pump enough blood to the brain, some studies suggest feelings of anxiousness rise, too. Agitation and irritability also play a role in the development of hypertension. Stress can put adults of any age at risk for having a major heart attack.

Gastrointestinal Distress


Nausea and upset stomach are common symptoms, though they should not be frequent. According to men and women who have suffered a heart attack, frequent bouts of stomach pain occurred leading up to the attack. Still, stomach issues are the most commonly overlooked symptoms surrounding risk of an up coming heart attack. Regrettably, this oversight has serious implications and can even result in death. Frequent stomach pains and digestive issues should always be addressed with your doctor. Women are most likely to experience this symptom prior to a heart attack.

Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating can indicate a heart attack is looming. Be that as it may, everyone does experience inconvenient sweating. However, sweating while it’s not hot or just while relaxing is serious. After ruling out the possibility of a regular fever, keep an eye on your health. Those who experience sweating right before an attack will also have skin that appears light or grey. Secondly, these individuals may also struggle to form certain words or make a coherent sentence. Excessive sweating is not normal and should be addressed immediately by a medical professional.