17 Long-Term Effects of COVID-19, Straight from the CDC

By now, most of us know that a COVID-19 infection can result in symptoms like shortness of breath, fever, and a cough. Individuals who have pre-existing conditions, the elderly, and those who have a compromised immune system may experience complications, but many people who have COVID-19 eventually recover. Or at least that was the understanding of the disease process. Enough time has passed that researchers have a better grasp on the long-term ramifications of a COVID-19 infection. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledges that a majority of people who have COVID-19 eventually recover fully. Sadly, however, some individuals have symptoms that last for weeks or months after they’ve had COVID. Even people who had mild cases and didn’t need hospitalization can experience a variety of health issues stemming from the infection. 

As it turns out, the end of a bout of COVID doesn’t mean the individual is free and clear. COVID-19 might affect the body in ways that haven’t been yet identified. At first, COVID may have appeared like a respiratory disease. However, it appears that COVID can also affect the heart, skin, and brain.  The following are 17 long-term side-effects identified by the CDC thus far. 

17. Shortness of Breath

Shortage Of Breath

One of the hallmark symptoms of the coronavirus is shortness of breath. The lung damage sustained from COVID, however, can extend shortness of breath well past when other symptoms have resolved. A patient’s lungs can recover, but it doesn’t happen right away. After injuries sustained from COVID, the tissues within the lungs heal, but it can take up to three months to a year before the lungs are fully recovered.

16. Cough

Whooping Cough

According to the CDC, a cough can be a long-term symptom of COVID. In an August 2020 study, a persistent and lingering cough — along with other respiratory symptoms — can remain with a person for months after the initial COVID infection. 


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