17 Ways You Might Catch COVID

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15. Sneezing or Coughing into Open Air

Whooping Cough

We get it. It can be tough to catch a sneeze with a tissue when you’re caught off guard. But covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze is extremely important. Respiratory droplets carrying coronavirus are spread very easily through sneezing. Keep tissues with you and wash your hands after you sneeze. Don’t have a tissue handy? Sneeze into your arm, with your arm bent inward and your hand on your opposite shoulder. This won’t catch all the droplets you sneeze, but it’s better than nothing. Then change and launder your clothes as soon as possible. 

The same rules go for coughing as they do for sneezing. You spread far fewer respiratory droplets when sneezing into a tissue. Cough into a tissue, throw it away immediately, and then wash your hands properly. Even if you don’t have symptoms of COVID, it’s possible you could be carrying and spreading the virus. Even asymptomatic people can be contagious. If you do have an unexplained persistent cough, it’s important to get tested for coronavirus as soon as possible. Call your doctor for their advice. And stay home if there’s even a small chance you could be contagious. 


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