17 Ways You Might Catch COVID

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13. Not Keeping Your Distance

Social Distancing

Because COVID-19 is a disease transferred mainly through respiratory droplets, we need to be aware of how close we’re standing to other people. Respiratory droplets can spread from sneezing, coughing, and even just breathing. Keeping your distance — called social or physical distancing — at least six feet away from other people helps prevent this virus transfer from them to you and vice-versa. You can approximately measure a six-foot distance by keeping two arm’s lengths apart from others around you.

Hanging with a crowd of people is one of the easiest ways to catch and spread COVID. In fact, crowded events can become “super spreader” gatherings that end up infecting a large group of people. How do you stay safe from virus infection in big crowds? By completely avoiding them. It’s difficult to control the activity of so many people around you. If they don’t wear face masks and practice physical distancing, there’s nothing you can do about it other than leave the situation. Avoiding crowds entirely will help keep you much safer from catching coronavirus.


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