8. Excess Salt


Sugar is not the only substance you’ll need to cut back on. Sodium, found in salt, is also harmful to your health when consumed in excess. It is often found as a preservative in frozen foods, meats, and other processed foods; sodium can dehydrate you, decreasing organ function. Furthermore, salt stiffens the arteries, making them more resistant to blood flow. This makes the heart work harder, which raises blood pressure, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cut down on your sodium intake by eating more fresh foods and include potassium in your diet, as it counteracts the effects of sodium.

7. Eating Red Meat


When it comes to excess salt, fewer places have as much of it as red meat. Generally, salt is used as a preservative, and it helps keep the meat from discoloring as well. As mentioned previously, salt can drive up your blood pressure and put you at risk for cardiovascular disease. However, red meat is also dangerous for several other reasons. For example, there are carcinogens in processed meats due to the smoking process. Red meat can also cause a rise in LDL cholesterol (the bad kind), which can clog your arteries and increase the chances of a heart attack.

6. Excessive Alcohol


Red meat is not the only thing you should be cutting back on. Alcohol can likewise cause problems in excess. Occasional drinks (no more than two per day for men, and no more than one per day for women) don’t significantly impact health. However, overindulging, particularly on a frequent basis, can lead to trouble. Alcohol increases blood pressure, and depending on what you drink, may bring a whole lot of added sugar into the mix. This is to say nothing of the poor decision making that comes with drinking, which might lead you to make other decisions that are bad for your health.

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