18. Bone Loss

Bone Density

Many older people have bone density loss and are told to take more calcium, but they probably also need vitamin D to absorb the calcium. There is a strong link between menopausal/post-menopausal women with low mineral bone density and low vitamin D. It is important to preserve bone mass as you age to prevent diseases like osteomalacia.

17. Sweaty Head

Heat And Sweat

In the past, doctors used to ask mothers if their infant’s head was sweating more than normal. This can be an early sign that your baby may be vitamin D deficient, especially if the mother also has low levels. If breastfeeding, it is good to eat foods high in vitamin D. Even adults can be affected if you notice yourself sweating during a time that is not normal.

16. Depression


If you live in a place with little sunlight, this lack could cause mild to moderate depression, because this essential nutrient helps the brain’s neurotransmitters produce serotonin, your happy hormone. In places like Alaska or Oregon that sees less sun, doctors tell patients to buy lightboxes, devices that emit therapeutic light equal to natural sunlight.

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