6. Chronic Pain

Lower Back Pain

It may not be noticeable right away until it becomes more severe, but muscle, back and bone pain which cause you to have difficulty standing and walking can all be related to low vitamin D levels.

5. New Studies about Obesity and Vitamin D


A new study at North Carolina State University involving zebrafish and vitamin D showed that they had an increase in both the size and number of fat cells, meaning that vitamin D deficiency influences metabolic health. This seems to disrupt the normal balance between growth and fat cell accumulation. This is not quite understood yet as to why it happens and will need further research.

4. Oral Health

Vitamin D decreases seem to lead to many dental problems. Teeth are bones and of course, you need both vitamin D and calcium to work together to prevent bone loss. Local inflammation of bone-like teeth, jaw, and even gums causes periodontitis.

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