6. Asbestos


Asbestos was widely used as an insulation material for many years before it was discovered the dust was linked to lung cancer. While asbestos is known to cause cancer, products that contain asbestos are not entirely banned in the US, although the Environmental Protection Agency regulates their use.

5. Glyphosate, a Common Weed Killer Used on Farms


Glyphosate (better known by its Monsanto brand name, RoundUp) is a weed-killer that is commonly used as a pesticide on crops in the US. This toxic chemical has been linked to higher rates of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in farmers. Scientists are not entirely sure there is enough evidence pointing to the weed killer being unsafe for our DNA if consumed in foods we eat.

4. Wood Dust

Wood Dust

Sawmill workers and cabinet makers who frequently breathe in dust from cutting and shaping wood are more likely to develop cancers of the sinus and nasal cavity than the average person.

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