Sleeping On Dirty Sheets

Our bedsheets can get icky when you start to really think about it! Most of us can be nose-blind to our own body odors, as compared to someone else’s. But over time, unwashed sheets can lead to health risks.

Just think about you or your partner sweating or drooling during sleep, with oils from your skin or moisturizers and your dead, dry skin cells all mounting up on those bedsheets. Anything you pick up from the outside environment is extra, if you do not take daily showers. Even more, if we add any other “goodies” from sex, or eating in bed, or snoozing in the nude, then the bugs just love it!

4. Dust Mites

Kill Mites

These little critters, dust mites, are so small you can’t see them. But they love feeding off your dead skin cells, and we shed 500 million skin cells a day. These critters do not bite, but we can be sensitive to their droppings or excrement. It could trigger allergic reactions, asthma, sneezing, runny noses, or even wheezing.

We love our pets and many of us share our bed with them. Their hair and dander are more extra goodies for the bugs.

3. Bacteria and Fungi

Many bacteria love a moist environment. Fungi, in particular, are attracted to feather and synthetic-filled pillows. This germ growth cannot be good for your skin, especially if you have any cuts or open sores, or skin diseases like eczema. According to microbiologist Laura Bowater, Ph.D., “Dozens of different bacteria and viruses can survive on your sheets, including E. coli, ringworm, Salmonella, herpes, norovirus, athlete’s foot, and the flu.”


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