41 Old Hygiene Tips That Are Actually Disgusting

Thankfully, we are able to enjoy the perks of modern-day personal hygiene, but back then, people did not have access to the same products and had to create their own.  Though some of them may have worked (many did not), they are seriously gross.  Here are 41 old hygiene tips that might make your skin crawl.

41. Lysol for Feminine Hygiene

Lysol Was For Feminine Hygiene

Lysol tried to market itself as a feminine hygiene brand for women in the 1920’s. The medical community claimed that it was too strong to be used for these purposes.

40. No Clean Clothes During the Winter

No Clean Clothes During The Winter

People back then didn’t wash their clothes during the winter. The process involved heating up water and waiting for their clothes to dry while they were naked. It was too cold and too much effort.


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