39. Snail Slime for Sore Throats

Snail Slime For Sore Throats

An old remedy for sore throats was to mix snail slime and sugar to coat the throat.

38. No Tooth, No Toothache

No Tooth No Toothache

Unfortunately, dentists were not around back then to tell you to floss more. If you had a toothache, you would likely get your tooth removed, but not by a dentist. You would get your painful tooth pulled by a barber of course since they were licensed to operate minor surgeries.

37. Families Shared Bathwater

Families Shared Bathwater

Poorer families could not afford to heat a bath for every person in the family, so they ended up sharing the bathwater. They bathed from oldest to youngest, so if you’re the youngest in your family, you would’ve had some pretty gross bathwater.



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