18. Graham Crackers Were Made to Combat Lust

Graham Crackers Were Made To Combat Lust

That’s right. Graham crackers were invented to combat all feelings of lust, even lusting after yourself. Though an odd idea, graham crackers are still enjoyed today, especially with chocolate and marshmallows!

17. Toothpaste or Mouse Brains?

Toothpaste Or Mouse Brains

People in the Roman era had to create their own toothpaste back then, so naturally, they used pureed mouse brains.

16. A Position as the King’s Butt-Wiper

A Position As The King's Butt Wiper

While this sounds like a gross job, it did come with some perks. The Groom of the Stool, aka the King’s butt-wiper, was the King’s trusted confidant and knew many royal secrets.



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