Serious Disease

Overlooking symptoms is nothing new. Have a headache or joint pain? No problem, take a painkiller, and you’re all set. However, as easy as it may be to take a simple painkiller to alleviate your aches, you might want to take a deeper look into what’s causing you pain. Often, symptoms are key indicators of a serious condition that if left untreated can later lead to severe complications.

But how do you distinguish between regular pain and pain as a symptom of an underlying condition? Well, that may be complicated to figure out on your own, as you might need tests and examinations to be administered by your physician. Nonetheless, you should always be aware of your symptoms and keep track of their intensity and frequency to see if they are progressing. Be sure to seek medical attention, and never dismiss your symptoms.

42. Your Neck Looks Dirty

Acanthosis Nigricans

A rash-like discoloration known as acanthosis nigricans can “almost look like dirt but has a velvety feel,” said Todd Sontag, DO, a family medicine specialist with Orlando Health Physician Associates. It is commonly found on the back of the neck or in the armpits. This is considered to be a sign of diabetes or insulin resistance. “Patients will come in asking about this rash they can’t get rid of,” he notes. The doctor will order blood tests to check blood sugar levels and make a proper diagnosis.

41. Your Skin Itches All Over

Skin Itches

There are more causes for itchy skin than pregnancy; for instance, liver damage known as cirrhosis. According to the American Liver Foundation, early damage to the organ often shows zero symptoms. However, during the course of cirrhosis people may experience itching or a yellow cast to their skin, called jaundice. Luckily, after the diagnosis, you can stop the disease from causing further damage by eating healthy and exercising.


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