16. You Pee All the Time


While increased bathroom visits can be due to a urinary tract infection, UTIs aren’t always the root of the problem. However, if you constantly pee and have an unquenchable thirst, you might be developing diabetes, said Dr. Sontag. If you also notice you are frequently waking up in the middle of the night to pee, you should visit your doctor.

15. Your Leg Hurts When You Walk

Leg Hurts

Of course, your first thought might be if you’re injured yourself while working out or walking, but if the pain cannot be linked to an injury and feels like your bone is hurting, it might be bone cancer.

14. Your Mouth Is Burning

Mouth Is Burning
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Known as burning mouth syndrome, this may be due to damage to pain and taste nerves. You can experience a painful burn or tingle in your mouth that is frequent and lasts for long periods. While there is no test to help diagnose the condition, your doctor will perform a thorough workup to rule out other potential causes and provide adequate treatment.



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