7. You’ve Gotten Shorter

Getting Short

Did your jeans get shrink or did you? Odds are it’s you, and you could be experiencing the signs of osteoporosis. As your bones begin to weaken, the vertebrae in your spine can begin to compress, and you start to lose height.

6. Your Eyes Are Bulging

Eyes Are Bulging

If this is a fairly new symptom, it could be due to an overactive thyroid, said Dr. Sontag. You may also notice other symptoms such as unexplained weight loss or irritability. A thyroid blood test will identify the condition. Iodine treatment can be administered to slow your thyroid.

5. You Have a Hankering for Ice

Hankering For Ice
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If you find you are constantly craving ice, Dr. Sontag suggests it might be due to an iron deficiency anemia. You will need blood work done so your physician can see your iron levels and figure out why you are anemic.



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