4. Your Big Toe Is Swollen

Swollen Big Toe

Your toe is swollen, but it didn’t happen by stubbing it. It can be an early symptom of gout, which is a painful sign of high risk for chronic diseases like high blood pressure and kidney disease.

3. You See Blood Spots in Your Eyes

Blood Spotseyes

Blood spots in your eyes are known as subconjunctival hemorrhages, and the American Heart Association suggests it is more common in people who have high blood pressure or diabetes. While these conditions don’t necessarily cause the spots, the two are linked together.

2. You’re a Woman and You’re Sprouting Chin Hair

Chin Hair

This symptom can be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome, said Dr. Sontag. “Usually you see just a few hairs, but they’re dark and coarse like a man’s beard,” he said. The hormonal imbalance can affect your period and also impact your fertility.

1. Your Feet Itch Like Crazy

Feet Itch
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Are you pregnant? Due to a liver disease called cholestasis of pregnancy, you can experience severe itching on your hands and feet. While it’s rare, it is something to watch out for, as it can be dangerous for the baby; it increases the risk of complications like preterm delivery. Your OB/GYN will highly consider inducing labor as an option.



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