40. You’re Bleeding After Sex

Bleeding After Sex

If you think the bleeding is due to a dry spell, think again. Bleeding after sex is not typical. There are a number of potential causes that range from vaginal dryness to cervical polyps, but cervical cancer can also be found on that list. As frightening as it may seem, it is vital to address the situation with your MD to rule out cervical cancer and find the source of the problem.

39. You Develop a Bullseye Rash

Bulls Eye

If you happen to find a red rash in the shape of a bullseye on your skin, you should seek immediate medical attention. Physicians will first check for Lyme disease, as a small bite from a tick can bring on symptoms like fatigue, lack of focus, and a sore throat. Although only 70 to 80 percent of people develop a rash, it may also take on various shapes and colors, appear as multiple rashes, or may even have a blue hue. If you spot symptoms like these or any others after spending time outside where Lyme-carrying ticks live, speak with your doctor.

38. You Have a Red, Splotchy Rash on Your Feet

Rash On Feet
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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is caused by the bacteria Rickettsia rickettsii and is life-threatening. You might notice common symptoms like a fever or a headache that you can mistake for the flu, but most patients develop a red splotchy rash beginning from their ankles and wrists and moving up the body. If you get sick after hiking or camping, call your doctor immediately.



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