37. You Don’t Feel Right

Don’t Feel Right

You might even refer to it as a weird feeling, as vague as that may sound, but the “something isn’t right” feeling you are experiencing can be a symptom of a possible heart attack. Women don’t always get the classic chest pain symptoms of a heart attack. It can manifest as more silent signs such as feeling tired and upper back pain. “With anything out of the ordinary that suddenly pops up without a clear explanation, it doesn’t hurt to have a heart attack in the back of your mind,” said Dr. Sontag.

36. Canker Sores You Can’t Get Rid of

Canker Sores

Since celiac disease can have numerous symptoms (as many as 300), a quick diagnosis can be difficult. GI issues like diarrhea, constipation, and bloating are common; so are others like canker sores. You may find them in your cheeks, gums, or lips, and they can be very painful. While canker sores aren’t exactly a major indication of celiac disease, there are other symptoms to watch out for, like mood problems, joint pain, and infertility.

35. You Can’t Hear Well Out of One Ear

Can’t Hear Well
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Hearing a ringing noise? Are sounds muffled in one ear? Then you may have an acoustic neuroma, a rare, non-cancerous and often slow-growing tumor, according to the Acoustic Neuroma Association. But don’t be so quick to disregard it as non-threatening. As the tumor grows, it can cause balance issues and can even be life-threatening. If your doctor suspects this, an MRI will confirm the diagnosis.



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