25. You’re Bleeding After Menopause

Bleeding After Menopause

Light spotting isn’t something to worry about; in fact, it is considered to be normal. However, period-like bleeding should call for concern, and your physician should be informed, as it might indicate uterine cancer. Early diagnosis is key since women who are diagnosed in stage 1 have a five-year survival rate of 88 percent.

24. You Have a Lump Around Your Belly Button

Lump On Belly Button

Do you feel a soft bulge around your belly button area? It might an umbilical hernia. You should seek medical attention to determine whether it is a hernia or a lymph node called Sister Mary Joseph nodule, a sign of underlying cancer, said Dr. Sontag. “Sometimes your body is doing what it should, and it’s OK to have lumps. But any time you notice anything unusual that’s changed, it’s always worth getting checked out,” he said.

23. You Have a Lump on Your Shoulder

Left Clavicle
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Can a lymph node on the top of your left clavicle be a sign of stomach cancer? Unfortunately, yes it can, according to Dr. Sontag. If these strange lumps or bumps known as Virchow’s node appear, call your doctor.



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