22. Your Breast Skin Is Nubby Like an Orange Peel

Nubby Breast

Dimpled skin can be a sign of underlying breast cancer, said Dr. Sontag. “The orange peel look comes from welling,” he mentioned, and can be caused by inflammatory breast cancer. A physical exam will be performed first, and your doctor will then examine the breast tissue through a mammogram or ultrasound.

21. You Swallow and Something Feels Stuck


Frequently feel as if food is caught in your throat while eating, or do you find yourself changing the way you eat by avoiding bulky foods? You should pay close attention, as it may be a sign of esophageal cancer. A physical exam and medical history can let your doctor know if cancer is a possibility.

20. You Gained 20 Pounds in One Month

Gained 20
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There are many people who blame their weight gain on their slow thyroid; after all, this butterfly-shaped gland is what controls your metabolism. A slow increase in weight is less likely with a malfunctioning thyroid than a sudden weight gain–like 20 pounds in a month, said Dr. Sontag. The best way to rule out a potential thyroid condition is to get a thyroid blood test.



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