19. You Wake Up Exhausted

Wake Up Exhausted

If you tend to wake up tired after a full night’s sleep, odds are you might suffer from restless leg syndrome. You may also experience the strong urge to move your legs that progressively gets worse when you’re sitting down.

18. You Fall Asleep When You Sit Down to Watch TV

Fall Asleep

What may seem like a common occurrence, especially if it was a boring show, can mean something deeper–sleep apnea. “I diagnose this a few times per week,” said Dr. Sontag. It’s more than disruptive snoring, he said: “Some patients hold their breath when they sleep for two minutes at a time. You’re not getting enough oxygen throughout the night.” Snoring can be more complicated than it seems, as it can cause you to stop breathing. Speak with your doctor to find proper treatment.

17. Your Nipples Are Leaking

Nipples Are Leaking
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No longer breastfeeding? Or not having sex? Then it might be a condition called galactorrhea. It may be an underlying medical issue like a prolactinoma, a benign tumor on your pituitary gland. Although it may not be harmful on its own, the tumor can lead to irregular periods and interfere with fertility.



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