3. Collagen Helps with Osteoarthritis Pain



Several studies have been carried out to explore the effect of collagen supplements on osteoarthritis. 

Many results show that collagen can effectively improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Experts realized that collagen improves pain function while reducing pain in the patients. 

For this reason, doctors recommend that patients with osteoarthritis should increase their intake of collagen and vitamin D glucosamine sulfate. These recommendations are applicable for both men and women, although women may also need to increase their calcium intake for better results. 

2. Collagen Makes Your Bones Healthier

Aching Bones

A study was carried out in which some postmenopausal women took collagen supplements every day for one year. 

They took these supplements in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled, randomized investigation in research that a manufacturer of collagen funded. The published results of this study showed an increase in the mineral density of these women’s bones. 

Moreover, there was an increase in bone formation, as well as a reduction in bone degradation. This implies that collagen can increase the health of bones when taken in regulated quantities over a certain period.  

1. Collagen Will Also Make Your Heart Healthier

Gloves Heart

Your heart health is always important. And while you can consume certain foods to make your heart stronger, you could also improve your health if you take collagen two times per day. 

This is supported by a study in which some healthy people took a collagen supplement called collagen tripeptide, which is made from certain amino acids. 

They took this supplement two times every day in the morning and evening for six months. In total, 16 grams of collagen tripeptide were taken each day, and the effects of the supplements on atherosclerosis increased the cholesterol plaques in arteries. 

The results showed that atherosclerosis markers increased during the period of the study. Because of this, experts believe that collagen preserves the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and preserves a healthy blood flow. 


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