Collagen is one of the most important proteins your body produces, and it’s one that helps with a lot of aspects of your body. From helping your joints to improving your skin, collagen is important to keeping your body healthy and painless. 

Unfortunately, collagen is also a protein that your body produces less of as you get older. Fortunately, you can always take some supplements that’ll help your body have the collagen levels necessary to work properly. Still, if you’re on the fence about it, here are some benefits you’ll get just from taking collagen.

5. Your Skin Quality Will Improve

Improved Skin Health

When you take anywhere between 2.6 mg to 10 mg of collagen oral supplements every day for about eight to 24 weeks, your skin will gain a lot of benefits, and it’ll improve its overall quality. 

These benefits include increased skin elasticity and better skin hydration. There are also certain types of foods that boost the quantity of collagen in the body, which will subsequently enhance the health of the skin.

4. Collagen Helps Heal Burns and Wounds

Slow Healing of Wounds

Several studies show the benefits of collagen in the treatment of burns and wounds. 

Dermatologists confirm the effects of collagen supplements in healing wounds. A special case points out a study that revealed that a powder of topical collagen could heal wounds that you get from puncture biopsies. 

Furthermore, collagen dressings, such as pads, sheets, gels, and particles, have the ability to reduce the pain resulting from second-degree burns. In this case, patients with wounds from burns required less medication to ease the pain when using collagen dressings. These patients would require more medication to minimize the pain when using silver sulfadiazine and paraffin gauze. This implies that collagen has a higher ability to lower the pain resulting from the burns and wounds and even heal them faster. 

In another study, hydrogels infused with collagen enhanced the production of collagen, which healed third-degree burn wounds in patients. 

3. Collagen Helps with Osteoarthritis Pain


Several studies have been carried out to explore the effect of collagen supplements on osteoarthritis. 

Many results show that collagen can effectively improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Experts realized that collagen improves pain function while reducing pain in the patients. 

For this reason, doctors recommend that patients with osteoarthritis should increase their intake of collagen and vitamin D glucosamine sulfate. These recommendations are applicable for both men and women, although women may also need to increase their calcium intake for better results. 

2. Collagen Makes Your Bones Healthier

Aching Bones

A study was carried out in which some postmenopausal women took collagen supplements every day for one year. 

They took these supplements in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled, randomized investigation in research that a manufacturer of collagen funded. The published results of this study showed an increase in the mineral density of these women’s bones. 

Moreover, there was an increase in bone formation, as well as a reduction in bone degradation. This implies that collagen can increase the health of bones when taken in regulated quantities over a certain period.  

1. Collagen Will Also Make Your Heart Healthier

Gloves Heart

Your heart health is always important. And while you can consume certain foods to make your heart stronger, you could also improve your health if you take collagen two times per day. 

This is supported by a study in which some healthy people took a collagen supplement called collagen tripeptide, which is made from certain amino acids. 

They took this supplement two times every day in the morning and evening for six months. In total, 16 grams of collagen tripeptide were taken each day, and the effects of the supplements on atherosclerosis increased the cholesterol plaques in arteries. 

The results showed that atherosclerosis markers increased during the period of the study. Because of this, experts believe that collagen preserves the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and preserves a healthy blood flow. 

What Collagen Can’t Do


Sure, collagen has some great benefits, but it’s not all-powerful. The benefits of collagen we mentioned above may be due to other factors, such as the presence of zinc and vitamin C. It’s believed that vitamin C and zinc also help boost the effect of collagen, resulting in the benefits you just read. 

Moreover, the patients who have experienced positive changes could have taken other medications to relieve pain, raising questions on collagen’s ability to relieve pain by itself. It may not be beneficial when you take large quantities of collagen at once. 

• You may need to take collagen for a long time to start realizing the benefits since the recommended amount for daily intake is about 10 grams. Collagen levels in the body keep decreasing with age, meaning that you need a constant supply of this component to enjoy its benefits. 

• There could be no benefits of taking collagen in young people that want to combat aging. For this reason, if you start taking collagen supplements in your mid-twenties, you may not enjoy its full benefits. This is because collagen levels decrease with age.  

• Keep in mind that you may see the effects of consuming collagen gradually. Combine that with the high cost of getting this supplement. Therefore, you may have to spend a lot of money and time before you even begin to enjoy collagen’s anti-aging benefits. 

• Collagen can’t cure all the woes of your skin. Hence, doctors are reluctant to recommend collagen to patients with skin problems. Moreover, only specific collagen supplements are recommended for those people who eat insufficient zinc, protein, vitamin C, and copper. Other supplements should be taken together with other vitamins to deal with stiff and painful joints. 


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