Myth 4 of 5 – Feel The Burn

Feel The Burn

We often believe that pushing our bodies until we nearly pass out is the right way to exercise. Not exactly. You don’t necessarily need to punish your body in order to be healthy. Often times strenuous activity can result in serious injury risks.  Give your body a break, you’ll often times know when to stop because your body will tell you, so listen. If you’re feeling too sore or even notice slight pain it’s a sign that you should stop for the day. Your body will recover and strengthen if you let it rest accordingly, but if you try to push it you’ll begin to strain your muscles which will result in longer recovery times. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. You can achieve the same results by working out consistently 5x a week at your pace as you would if you were pushing your body for half that time.

Advice: Listen to your body when working out, and implement take recovery breaks.



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